Roman Shades, Safety Tips


An Update on Safety Standards for Roman Shades

Terrell Sundermann discusses safety updates on Roman Shades on the PBS TV show "Creative Living with Sheryl Borden." Demonstrating with a shade that was certified as compliant with the 2nd Provisional

Shade Cord Safety Information from Window Coverings Safety Council

SuperBaby Addresses Roman Shades And Roll-Up Blinds Safety Child safety advocate SuperBaby is alerting parents and caregivers to an industry-wide, voluntary product recall from the Consumer Product S

Cord Safety from Parents For Window Blind Safety

This is a video demonstrating the dangers a Roll Up Shade poses for children. This video shows each hazardous area, how many pounds of pressure break away cords can hold, and the various ways childre

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Roman shade cord shroud

This video shows how our cord shroud can be used to prevent a hazardous loop being formed on a roman shade when tested in accordance the WCMA/ANSI provisional standard published 16th September 2010.

Adding Cord Shroud to an Existing Roman Shade

Terrell Sundermann demonstrates how to add a cord shroud to eliminate the possibility of stangulation by the exposed lift cords on the back of a Roman shade. This allows you to make an existing shade