Silk Curtain Panels Hung From Knobs

No pleats, easy DIY installation! Sew these dupioni silk panels as seen in HGTV Ideas Magazine. OR, customize ready-made curtain panels folllowing my instructions. Simple pin-on hooks and drapery hol

Jumbo Welt Braided Tieback Part 3 of 4

In part 3 learn how to reverse the welt, cut welt to size, sew on end cap.

Jumbo Welt Braided Tieback Part 4 of 4

Part 4 learn how to braid, more details of how to sew on end cap, sewing on installation rings

Curtain Linings Guide

New curtains are a considerable outlay, but the right lining can help to protect your investment. This video shows the different types available and the reasons why you might select them. Lining makes

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Pencil Pleat Drapery Panels

Some tricks you can employ to make sure your curtains hang perfectly. Curtains provide a room with that "finished look," as well as keeping out bright sunshine and helping retain warmth during winter.

Finishing Edges When Sewing

Learn about different ways to finish edges, including raw edges, turned under edges, and bound edges. You can own all of the episodes from this series by purchasing Teach Yourself to Sew: Season 1. Vi

Window Treatment Choices

If you've ever attempted to dress a window, youve most likely found that the options are as varied as the shapes and sizes of the windows themselves. Well, here are some quick reference tips to help