Roman Shades


An Update on Safety Standards for Roman Shades

Terrell Sundermann discusses safety updates on Roman Shades on the PBS TV show "Creative Living with Sheryl Borden." Demonstrating with a shade that was certified as compliant with the 2nd Provisional

Shade Cord Safety Information from Window Coverings Safety Council

SuperBaby Addresses Roman Shades And Roll-Up Blinds Safety Child safety advocate SuperBaby is alerting parents and caregivers to an industry-wide, voluntary product recall from the Consumer Product S

Cord Safety from Parents For Window Blind Safety

This is a video demonstrating the dangers a Roll Up Shade poses for children. This video shows each hazardous area, how many pounds of pressure break away cords can hold, and the various ways childre

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Roman shade cord shroud

This video shows how our cord shroud can be used to prevent a hazardous loop being formed on a roman shade when tested in accordance the WCMA/ANSI provisional standard published 16th September 2010.

Adding Cord Shroud to an Existing Roman Shade

Terrell Sundermann demonstrates how to add a cord shroud to eliminate the possibility of stangulation by the exposed lift cords on the back of a Roman shade. This allows you to make an existing shade

Threading A Cord Lock

Watch and learn as Jennifer Thoden shows you how to thread and install a roman shade cord lock.

Roman Shade Tip: Moving the Shade

Moving the roman blind around the table while working

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Roman Shades – How to Sew Rod Pockets

Industrial sewing machine - rod pockets for roman blinds

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Sidelight Window Treatments

Many people are baffled as to how to handle the window or windows at the sides of their front doors. This blog explains, from a designer perspective, what the various options are in handling this dif

Relaxed Roman Valance

This video shows a mock roman valance which many people really seem to favor. Every client has individual needs, but this is an easy window treatment on the eyes and pocketbook. http://kemplerdesign