Learn how to make bias tape using a bias binding tape maker tool. First cut strips of bias binding, using a rotary cutter, rotary cutter mat, and a clear quilters ruler. Join the strips together using a diagonal seam, to reduce bulk at the bias seams. Then use the bias tape maker to fold the bias strips the correct width. Press the bias binding as it exits the bias tape maker, and this makes a single fold bias tape. For double folded bias binding tape, press the tape once more, along the length of the bias binding. This how to tutorial will take you step by step through the process of making bias binding tape. Bias binding can be used as a decorative edge along home decor items, such as place mats or to trim awnings. Bias strips are also used when making chair cushion ties.

Single fold bias tape strips can be used to create decorative designs on top of home decor fabrics, including shaping and stitching the strips into elaborate shapes and designs along panel front leading edges.

Double fold bias strips are single fold bias strips folded in half. Double fold bias strips can be used to encase raw edges of home decor fabrics when making decorative flanged pillows or awnings. These strips can also be used to create a narrow edging along the edge of a valance or cascade, and is used instead of covered cording.